Perhaps the best way; to work toward a common goal of business success is by means of a 'Partnership' with MonoPool Asia. To achieve this we work closely with our clients to design tailored or packaged services to meet goals and establish progress benchmarks.

More than consultants

In a 'Partnership' MonoPool Asia managers become more than consultants to your business. We integrate staff into your organisation for a set period of time, working under your name, taking on responsibilities and managing a defined set of tasks.

Beginning with th development of your expansion or change strategy, we'll design interlocking business plans and manage and implement their roll-out. MonoPool will remain your Partner throughout the process, ensuring the value of your investment in the future.

Business strategy development — breaking habits

What is your strategy for the next 10 years? MonoPool Asia believes every business has goals or dreams waiting to become realised.

Break habits. Define new goals and horizons

Isn't it time to develop a business strategy that embraces all the resources and potential latent in your business and clearly differentiates you from competitors — or even define new categories?

Start the journey. A Partnership with MonoPool Asia will help you start working on your future Don't let the daily workload delay you any longer. With our Partnership Programme you're just a 'Business Strategy' away from balancing your European sales with entry and growth in the world's largest emerging markets in Asia and Asia Pacific.

Turnkey market entry and development services

Chances are that you've already determined the need for entering a new market ...but you just can't find the time or extra resources to deal with this project. Opportunities to be first or early to market don't come by often. If you have an intuition of a market opportunity's often a credible indicator that shouldn't be ignored.

MonoPool Asia will get the job done for you — whether it's designing  or establishing a 'proof of concept' or an in-depth marketing positioning. We offer a unique in-house 'Turnkey Market Entry Service' for your next expansion project.

Global force / network intensification

Being a global business has both great benefits and challenges.

The large investment in maintaining a global presences can be under-utilised and may not deliver desired results relative to the cost structure and management resources required to run it.

MonoPool Asia understands how to develop a successful global network. We can help you review your current strategies, helping you 'connect the dots' around the globe and create synergies within your business to become a strong and sustainable 'global force.' With a focus on network partners, global consumer trends and regional economic cycles, MonoPool Asia can help your business achieve or maintain a global market leadership position.

Interim management

Interm management in times of trouble is a sign of strength. Top CEO’s use this an opportunity to free-up important management time, bring in fresh ideas, change or break with old habits and to accelerate from that point onto new business success.

MonoPool Asia has made this important tool a passion. Interim management with MonoPool Asia can be installed within 24 hours notice to bridge a short term special requirement — and for up to 2 years with a carefully planned business strategy.

Sales Recovery Management

Your sales force or distribution partner in Asia or Asia Pacific isn't delivering the desired results. Margins are too low; pricing levels keep on dropping whilst the cost of sales are constantly increasing. Projected turnovers keep falling behind. Making adjustments to a remote operating sales force often gets compared to open heart surgery — especially with 8 hours of time difference and 10,000 miles distance.

MonoPoo Asia managers, located in the markets of Asia and Asia Pacific represent a great wealth of professionalism and knowledge when it comes to the task of realigning income streams. The MonoPool Asia Sales Recovery approach will help your sales staff to embrace the need for new standards and re-energise them to achieve the desired result with both existing and new clients.

Investigating apparent poor performance/ business unit management

One of your business units is in need for special attention due to sudden and unexplainable management changes, market-related developments, product or health-related matters.

MonoPool Asia has the management capacity to step in and trouble-shoot your business unit. As your management and reporting link between Asia, Asia Pacific and Europe your instructions will be put into immediate action and you'll receive timely information at first-hand.

Extreme growth management

The growth rate and demand on your business has been overwhelming since you set foot into Asia.

In Asia profitable growth is based around good information and carefully planned steps. MonoPool Asia managers will help you understand inside information in your market and assist in making calculated decisions to reduce risk and develop sustainable growth.

Business development management

A client group or a special market segment has been raising your interest but you don't have a sales person or business unit with the right dedication to cold-calling and networking to 'test the waters' or to close the project.

MonoPool Asia offers dedicated Business Development Managers that take your desire to increase networks and project opportunities at heart. Our goal-oriented managers have proven track records in maximising business opportunities, working under your banner for set periods of time or on a project basis in any country within Asia and Asia Pacific.

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