Finding, developing and maintaining outstanding management staff is critical; and probably one of the most important of executive tasks.

Having found the ideal executive staff, a great deal of trust is put in the hands of new your 'asset' to run a sales office, subsidiary or a manufacturing plant, especially with eight to ten hours of time difference and over 10,000 miles of distance. Using MonoPool Asia for your specialised search requirements gives your company the freedom of recruiting from regional competitors, the ability to choose among candidates that would not be available through standard searches and the security to find that 'perfect match'.

Strategic asset search (individual)

It's personalities and people that matter in Asia Pacific — business deals are done between people, not between companies.

Whilst it is important not to lose sight of the actual capabilities of the candidate for your Asian venture, there is also no point sending or hiring managers that are not 'metropolitan enough' and have only limited interpersonal skills and networking capabilities. MonoPool Asia understands the importance and sensitivity of making the right choice in management staff in Asia and Asia Pacific. We have on-ground, local access to candidates that meet your requirements in managerial skills, interpersonal skills, networking and metropolitan deal-making capabilities.


Strategic team acquisition

Strategic team acquisition is probably the boldest approach to starting or increasing your business in Asia and Asia Pacific.

Buying a network and associated turnover by removing a performing sales team from your competitor will give you instant control of the market, industry respect and a weakened competitor. MonoPool Asia understands the importance of strategic growth in regional markets. We specialise in targeted recruitment/ acquisition of high-performing teams that will bring you market dominance faster.

Positions vacant

MonoPool Asia is constantly searching for talents to fill job vacancies of our international customers. The following positions are currently being matched:
• Marketing Assistant / Fachkraft (Hannover, Germany) – for innovative, global high-tech electronics company.
• Export Manager (Northern Germany) – with highly regarded B2B and B2C manufacturer and distributor.

Should you find yourself being interested in learning more about the above vacancies please contact us on

'Spontaneous' applications

Are your looking for a change?

A change can be good and it often comes very sudden. Be proactive and open yourself up to new challenges. By submitting your application we'll contact you to discuss opportunities at hand and register you for future roles. All information provided will be treated in confidence.

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