Change Management


Change Management is a powerful tool. When used to its potential it can bring your organisation the competitive advantage you were missing. In today's constantly evolving business environment, ignoring change can result in profit and/or market share losses.

MonoPool Asia helps you systematically diagnose the current situation, define the need for change and build your future vision. Our managers are trained in transitioning individuals, teams and organisations toward the desired goal and vision.

Strategic change

Strategic change is the process of 'radical switch' that involves changing a company's vision, mission, objectives and strategy. Being 'Big in Asia' is worthy a strategic change project, as a business will need to make drastic changes to deal with the challenges of doing business in Asia Pacific. The adjustments required range from structural and cultural changes to modifications of organisational routines and habits.

MonoPool Asia managers will assist you in clearing the way for your Asian expansion by guiding you through the process of strategic change. We help motivate stake-holders to adapt and buy into the change project and removing or minimising the imprint of past periods, which are often resistant to radical change.

Goal setting and future vision

Goal setting and managing change are 'royal' disciplines for business success.

With the business environment constantly experiencing change through internal and external influences, organisations must learn to become comfortable with change. An ambitious goal is the product of vision and persistence of the leader who wants to differentiate his or her company to its competitors. The most successful leader is generally the one who dreams of the highest goals and manages change well. MonoPool Asia will help you stop 'Thinking Small' and will help you set ambitious goals.

Our change managers will move you away from your 'comfort zone'  and shift your comfortable European focus to a successful global business with foot-prints in Asia, Asia Pacific and the United States. Your business needs a presence in the emerging markets of the world!

Managing the change

Managing change towards a future goal is equally important as setting the goal. Many companies fail to implement their vision due to forcing change on their people. Successful change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation — and above all, consultation with and involvement of the people affected by the changes.

MonoPool Asia managers will help your people and teams to be empowered through the change process by making them the engineers of the change, becoming facilitators and them ambassadors of the company’s success. As a result your staff will make ambitious, realistic, achievable and measurable changes.

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