brand management


Market entry into Asia and Asia Pacific gives your business an unprecedented opportunity to adjust your corporate brand message — to differentiate yourself from your competition and away from the trend of commoditisation.

With its great variety of cultures, religions and beliefs, branding in Asia and Asia Pacific requires you to extend your brand strategy from common, often monolithic and centralised structures to decentralised approaches with a strong central coordination. Our managers help ensure your brand message remains strong, flexibile and agile in every marketing and sales channel you select. Additionally, MonoPool has the ability to strengthen your brand globalisation strategy by filtering and including local trends, culture and critical opinions from Asia and Asia Pacific.

Sales channel strategy

Your current distribution model may be direct or indirect through dealers or wholesales. Whatever your model, doing business in Asia and Asia Pacific should require a complete review your current system. In Asia you'll find a great variety of sales channels and techniques to reach your client. You should carefully select and strategise each of these potential sales modes to ensure maximum impact of your sales efforts.

MonoPool Asia managers will help develop and unleash your new sales strategy in Asia and Asia Pacific. We'll ensure your new markets will deliver maximum growth and top margins through your sales channels. Gaining insights into local client buying behaviour is the greatest asset to have!

Pricing strategy

Entry to Asia and Asia Pacific should not be done merely to 'cover more territory.'

Being 'Big in Asia' can often develop unforeseen profits through new markets and sales channels. In these new markets, customers are not used to a fixed pricing structure. B2B transactions require market- and demand-driven pricing which will open doors to further negotiation. MonoPool Asia can help you revolutionise your pricing strategy.

Marketing return on investment

Marketing specialists say that 50% of your marketing dollars are well spent and deliver the desired results — it's just difficult to know which 50% are the well-spent ones...

In Asia and Asia Pacific this same 'rule of thumb' is valid too; the difference lies however in the increased level of damage that can be caused with the poorly invested 50% of your marketing spend — as their negative effect can be far bigger than in any other global market.

MonoPool Asia will design, implement and review your marketing plans by involving our local critics and brand auditors in order to not miss the opportunity of your brand first-to-market or ongoing-market experience. With MonoPool Asia you can maximise and fully utilise your Asian brand communications and marketing experience.

Brand recession recovery

Business in Asia is far from being predictable.

Economic cycles are shorter and deeper and can become cold and then unexpectedly warm — without apparent reason. Money can be saved and market share protected by swiftly reacting to a down turn. When the upswing is in the making — by reading the signs and getting ahead of the crowd with a strategic recovery plan in place, this is where you gain market share before your competitors.

MonoPool Asia will be your partner on both sides of the economic cycle. Our managers have gained a wealth of experience by dealing with the economic cycles of Asia and Asia Pacific over the past 18 years. Developing strength from the seemingly unpredictable is one of our passions. Exceeding expectations and industry averages are two others!

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