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Perhaps the best way. to work toward a common goal of business success is by means of a 'Partnership' with MonoPool Asia. To achieve this we work closely with our clients to design tailored or packaged services to meet goals and establish progress benchmarks.   Read More
Change Management is a powerful tool. When used to its potential it can bring your organisation the competitive advantage you were missing. In today's constantly evolving business environment, ignoring change can result in profit and/or market share losses.   Read More
Market entry into Asia and Asia Pacific gives your business an unprecedented opportunity to adjust your corporate brand message — to differentiate yourself from your competition and and away from the trend of commoditisation.   Read More
Mergers and Acquisitions is the quickest means to achieve growth and positive value when entering a new market such as Asia and Asia Pacific. M&A gives you immediate access to a corporate structure, revenue system, staff and market-inside dynamics.   Read More
Corporate finance is the science and art of money management as applied to business.   Read More
MonoPool has a long-standing tradition of international trading.   Read More
Strategic sourcing ranges from purchasing activities in supply chain management to applications in non-traditional areas such as services, finance and capital.   Read More
Having an experienced local partner for your current and upcoming real estate requirements in Asia and Asia Pacific will help you to stay focussed on your core business goals.   Read More
In today's business world, it's important value and respect cultural diversity, both personally and in the business environment.   Read More
Finding, developing and maintaining outstanding management staff is critical; and probably one of the most important of executive tasks.   Read More


High motivation, outstanding networks and perseverance are the pillars of success that we achieve for our clients. Yet, that alone is not enough. Every brand needs an individual identity when establishing it in a new market – especially outside of Europe. That is the subject of our daily work at MonoPool, it is one of our great passions.

Understanding a brand means having an intuition for people and what they desire of the product, immersing ourselves in past experiences and fathoming traditions. This process is often fraught with adventure in the Asian-Pacific market. After all, the objective is not only to build up a distribution network for new products but also to create brand notoriety and to foster brand awareness among consumers.

To do so, we go the full distance and do painstaking research, no matter what it takes. European product quality has tremendous opportunities in a world in which sustainability is increasingly becoming an issue, in which people are paying attention to healthy nutrition and surrounding themselves with objects that will not already become obsolete next season.


MonoPool Asia Founder and CEO Peter Röhrig has over 18 years experience in the international marketplace, having built a highly-profitable made-to-order production and distribution organisation for a German mega-brand Wilkhahn in Asia, Asia Pacific and the United States.

Peter oversaw the establishment and development of regional headquarters and manufacturing plant in Sydney and showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The Wilkhahn Asia and Asia Pacific business unit quickly developed into the gem of the group's global business.

Through the continuous delivery of sustainable and profitable growth results, Wilkhahn grew from a medium-sized European-centric company into a crisis-resistant global conglomerate. Building on the exceptional results from Asia and Asia Pacific expansion, Peter then drove the business toward further growth by setting up a United Staes sales and logistics network, with branded flagship showrooms in New York and Chicago.

In 2009 Peter was promoted to Wilkhahn Global Head of Sales. Steering the group through the impact of the Global Financial Crisis, Peter managed to benefit from an internationally diversified sales organisational portfolio that relied on the hub markets of Asia and Asia Pacific and extended network connections in the United States.

Having learned the importance of being 'Big in Asia' Peter has identified processes and protocols for businesses seeking to create differentiated and sustainable international growth — with particular emphasis on the Asia and Asia Pacific marketplaces.

Peter can now deliver to your business an accessible 'Pool' of knowledge for moving successfully into the international marketplace... and offering a range of applied consulting services available in one ('Mono') place... MonoPool Asia was born.


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Peter Röhrig

Founder, CEO

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Project Coordinator

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Project Coordinator

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Imad Ahmah

Management Trainee EMEA

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Market Manager South Australia

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Business Development Manager - Oceania