Corporate Finance


Corporate finance is the science and art of money management as applied to business. 

With a strong focus on corporate finance, unforeseen problems and opportunities can be swiftly dealt with and managed without losing sight of your core business or risking the future of your company. MonoPool Asia provides corporate finance and advisory services with with emphasis on restructuring, changing, starting and exiting business ventures.


Reorganisation of legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of a company provides the opportunity of making that company more profitable, better organised for current needs, resistant to crisis or ready for a major change in the business. Restructuring is also an opportunity to make your company more credible and attractive to investors and financiers.

MonoPool Asia can assist you in identifying and providing solution options to your restructuring requirements — and will assist in making your company leaner, more efficient, better organised and strongly focussed.

Turnaround management

Turnaround management is a strategy which is deployed when a company is distressed or in financial trouble. It also applies to situations where a general change of direction, strategy or way of working is required to exit the path of corporate decline.

MonoPool Asia can provide assistance through a range of services needed during a turnaround process — from organising corporate funding by working closely with banks and the private equity community to professional services firms; lawyers and insolvency practitioners. MonoPool Asia can ensure the success of your turnaround.

Start-ups / Venture capital

Being an entrepreneur in a start-up can lead you from the search for a repeatable and scalable business model to major undertakings that create many job opportunities with great returns on investment. Along the way one of the biggest assets in building your venture is 'time to focus'  — a phase of development and research for markets. This is generally achieved through proper funding and the access to resources which this provides.

MonoPool Asia can assist in protecting your start up by promoting your business ideas to venture capitalists in order to raise capital for building the business.

Project finance

MonoPool Asia has access to unconventional funding options. We understand the importance and challenges when dealing with traditional financiers in 'unusual' or distressed situations.

Succession and business exit planning

Through professional succession or business exit planning — especially in small and mid-sized companies — valuable businesses can be safely transferred to the next generation of management or ownership.

MonoPool Asia understands the importance of meeting your personal, employee and corporate objectives and works to maximize the outcome for all stakeholders by finding a suitable successor or an investor that will ensure that the business continues to prosper.

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