Language Culture


In today's business world, it's important value and respect cultural diversity, both personally and in the business environment.  

MonoPool Asia is quickly developing a reputation for the delivery of results-oriented and practical solutions for market entry and development into the Asia and Asia Pacific marketplace.

Business english

English is by far the most dominant language of the Western languages spoken in Asia and Asia Pacific. To participate in general business life in Asia, a reasonable standard of speaking is required, ranging from small conversations to complex business negotiations.

MonoPool Asia works with you to increase the English language proficiency of your staff by offering intensive in-house courses that boosts the conversational confidence of staff.

Business acumen

Business growth in Asia and Asia Pacific depends on preparing your work force to respectfully deal with and understand business customs, local religions, traditions and culture. The concept of 'face' for example is so highly-developed that many business men (and women) jeopardise their opportunity to win contracts by not carefully observing behavioural and situational nuances in personal and business situations.

MonoPool Asia can prepare your staff to respect and understand the local business customs of Asia and Asia Pacific.

Business yoga

In Asia and Asia Pacific, yoga reigns as the most powerful option for relaxation and stress release.

Being on a spiritual level with your Asian customers will set you apart from 'less sensitised' competitors. MonoPool Asia will strengthen your business chances in Asia by opening the world of yoga to your staff through intense in-house yoga sessions.

Relocation services

Setting up shop or intensifying your business in Asia and Asia Pacific often requires the relocation of your most valuable management staff and their family.

A smooth family relocation and a well-organised 'start' at their destination will 'pay off' quickly. From choosing the right removals company to finding the suitable new home and an appropriate school for your manager's children — MonoPool Asia relocation managers will ensure that everyone benefits from the experience.

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