Mergers Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquistions

Mergers and Acquisitions is the quickest means to achieve growth and positive value when entering a new market such as Asia and Asia Pacific. M&A gives you immediate access to a corporate structure, revenue system, staff and market-inside dynamics.

MonoPool Asia assists you in the seamless execution of your arrangement by providing you with M&A target options, negotiation strategies and merging assistance. Our managers are trained in delivering value to stakeholders through assessment and scaling of synergies.

Acquisition of enterprises

MonoPool Asia can assist in a number of ways — from finding the perfect acquisition target for your Asia and Asia Pacific expansion to structuring and integrating your acquisition. MonoPool Asia ensures M&A value is delivered and strategic objectives are met.

Merging enterprises

MonoPool Asia is your partner for identifying merger partners, developing merger strategies, assisting in M&A execution, and implemention of changes to deliver synergies and improvements after the M&A.

Joint ventures

Joint ventures serve many purposes, including filling gaps in capabilities in one or more entities. JVs can also facilitate market entry to Asia and Asia Pacific marketplaces. MonoPool helps clients achieve a successful JV process by assisting in the JV partner search, strategy development, deal structuring and operational implementation through solid understanding of mutual economics.

Management buy out

Management buy-outs are generally conducted when management teams see an opportunity to get greater financial reward for the future development of the company through direct ownership rather than they would do as employees only. MonoPool Asia assists dedicated management teams in their strategy development and deal execution for a buy-out. We can also assist in tapping into the private equity market to find potential backers.

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